So. This is my shiny new gaming blog. Why? Well, mostly because I like to write, and I like gaming. I do a lot of both.

Me, I’m a 22-year-old occasional student and occasional office assistant from Finland. I’ve played roleplaying games since… let’s say 1996. Possibly earlier, but I was young and can’t honestly remember accurately. I started with Middle-Earth Roleplaying Game, which I still can’t figure out, and have since played or tried to play over a dozen other games. I have a packrat mentality, and I think my collection numbers a bit over eighty games at the moment, with the total number of rulebooks, supplements, sourcebooks, accessories, magazines and adventure modules in the hundreds. Of kilos.

I dread the day I have to move.

Currently, I mostly play Dungeons & Dragons, with occasional sessions of Dark Heresy, Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play, Godlike and a few other games. I’m also playing in an ongoing campaign of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, first edition.

My published writings include a few articles in Roolipelaaja, a Finnish roleplaying game magazine, one Living Greyhawk adventure called NAE7-04 Unyielding, and along with Kaj Sotala and others, a book about roleplaying games that was imaginatively named Roolipelikirja (“Roleplaying Game Book”) and published by BTJ Finland. I’m currently working on another Living Greyhawk adventure with Sampo Haarlaa, scheduled to come out next summer.

I also frequent a number of Finnish and foreign RPG forums and have varying levels of posting activity on each.

This blog will contain stuff about the traditional roleplaying games. Likely a large amount of D&D material, possibly game reports, reviews, my opinions on industry news, and whatever else catches my fancy. I may also document forays into the world of electronic games, though as my computer grows elderly, I hate consoles and consider Planescape: Torment the pinnacle of computer gaming, those will be rare. I’m fairly deep into the workings of the RPGA in Finland, so that will also be occasionally featured. I’ll try to keep the rate of updates at around two a week, but I know I’ll fail miserably at that and say that if I get something up once a month, I’m doing fine.

What this blog will not contain is roleplaying game theory, LARP stuff or discussions of storygames. I will try to keep One-True-Wayism and accusations of badwrongfun to a minimum. As long as you’re not playing FATAL, you’re doing fine in my book.

Let’s see what comes of this. I may be tinkering with the layout and the little things a lot in the days to come. Do not hesitate to give suggestions for improvement.

– Jukka Särkijärvi

6 thoughts on “Hi

  1. Pyh
    Come and help on avarage speculativefiction-fans, when thye move into new home.


  2. Correction, you’ve roleplayed since.. uhh, I believe you and I were on 2nd grade or something? That would be around 93-94? We stated our actions out loud and you drew my character on the paper and I got to shoot a bunch of stuff. I vividly remember you even rolling a die or two.

  3. Ach. I’ll be buggered if I can remember accurately that far. It’s ancient history, man.

    I’d place it around third grade at the earliest, though, since for the first and second grade, we were in the lower schoolbuilding and all my memories of that RPG I wrote up and having the MERP books at school distinctly associate with the upper building.

  4. Curse our failing memories. We are old men, we are. Anyhow, while I still retain my ability to see clearly, the year should then be 94-95!

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