Keeping Busy

Keeping busy. Work, deadlines, studying, more deadlines, gaming, trolling on the RPGA forums…

I felt I should do a short roundup of news, just to show this blog yet lives.

Last week, the second edition of Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures was officially released, in the form of the Dungeons of Dread set. The rules, in my opinion, dilute the tactical depth of the first edition in removing morale and fog of war, and instead make it a D&D Lite. Additionally, the new miniatures include some of the ugliest, most hideous things I have ever viewed. See for yourself. The ultramarine blue Grick is my favourite. They’re not all Assface, though, and a couple of them are actually pretty nifty, like the Eye of Flame. Here, our local game store came to the rescue and started selling single miniatures. I got a vrock.

In other news, the interactive Swedish tv-show Sanningen om Marika won an International Emmy for Best Interactive TV Drama. The Finnish larp organiser, game writer and who knows what else, Mike Pohjola was one of the minds behind it, and apparently got to geek out at the red carpet in Cannes. He’s going to be completely insufferable now. The former Ropecon guest of honour and Swedish larp writer Martin Eric was apparently the art director. He is also responsible for the most trippy piece of Ropecon programming I’ve witnessed. In any case, congratulations!

To me the most interesting piece of news is that after gods know how many years of blood, sweat, toil, tears, and delay after delay, the Finnish game designer Ville Vuorela finally got his science fiction roleplaying game Stalker out of the door. All 17 copies of it. Printing trouble. Then it had to be fixed some more, and edited, and as of now we still don’t know when the final printing will hit the shelves, but it is good to know that it’s finally done and we’ll get our mitts on it soon. In the meanwhile, the writer himself is recovering from antibiotics poisoning. Get well soon, man.

Finally, Fantasy Flight Games got their Dark Heresy website up and running. The corebook, sold out in a record time back in January, is marked “Coming soon…” YEAH!

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