Pathfinder and Some Ephemera

Just a quick post to end the weekend, before I zip off to Jyväskylä for the entrance exams.

Firstly, Pathfinder RPG’s last Alpha release became available during the week. Finally, we have all the core classes, and we can start fiddling with the full rules while waiting for the Beta rules in August.

Incidentally, Monte Cook, one of the head designers of Dungeons & Dragons 3E has joined the Pathfinder team as a rules consultant. It’s an interesting development, considering the man has, by his own words, been on his way out of the industry for quite a while now. It’s like Rolling Stones and the farewell tours. I’m not complaining, though. If there’s someone who knows the nuts and bolts of the D&D system, it’s him.

Another member of the Pathfinder team, Nicolas Logue, appears to have kicked off a side project called Sinister Adventures, and will be producing mega adventures that are compatible with multiple game systems. The systems seem to be d20 and its derivatives, mainly. The first one, Razor Coast, should hit in June.

Logue, by my reckoning, is one of the best adventure writers out there at the moment. Considering he’s organising the Pathfinder Society campaign, keeps producing material for Dungeon, writes Pathfinder Chronicles, and manages to keep up a level of quality that I can only envy, I suspect he’s actually either several very gifted (and possible disturbed, considering the stuff that’s in The Hook Mountain Massacre) people, or he doesn’t sleep.

Speaking of Pathfinder Society, its main competitor, the Living Forgotten Realms, isn’t DOA after all, and WotC will be participating in GenCon Indy.

In topics closer to home, I recently became involved in working on a collection of articles about roleplaying games called Efemeros, fashioned after the Push collections. I’m one of the peer reviewers. This kind of stuff is usually a bit out of my area of interest, but I was asked and it is shaping up to be quite interesting and even useful. It’ll be available in Finnish and released… well, when it’s ready. Pre-orders may be placed at the Efemeros site.

Right. Now, back to practicing the International Phonetic Alphabet by writing out the D&D feat list…

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