The Fiend-Worshipping Cheliax: Pathfinder Society Preview

Paizo released the second preview for Pathfinder Society. It tells us about the second of the five factions, the Chelaxians, who are a bunch of decadent demonologists and tend to the Evil end of the alignment spectrum. The preview also confirms that I wasn’t entirely off my mark the other day, when I predicted how the missions and adventures were going to work.

Let’s see if I can guess the rest of the factions, too. I’m gonna say they’re Taldor (a fallen empire, resembles ancient Byzantium), Qadira (the westernmost province of a huge, Persian-style imperium), and possibly the city of Absalom itself. I found the Gazetteer’s map online so you can check out their locations.

I’ve signed up as a campaign volunteer.

Meanwhile, the Living Forgotten Realms guys have this and the list of admins as the full extent of information publicly available on the campaign. Beyond that, the official line is: “We cannot comment on that at this time.”

I know it’s not the campaign adminstration’s fault. They’ve got their gag orders from higher up. Still doesn’t make LFR look good, though. And at least, they could give us the names of module authors. While rummaging around on the message boards reveals that the first modules of every region were written by their Writing Directors, I’m gonna go out on a limb here and assume that they’re not gonna be responsible for every module released. Thus, author names. Please.

If the author is good enough, such as Pierre van Rooden, I might even play a 4E module again. As long as there are no crippling module writing guidelines. Which we don’t know. Since they’re not public yet.

As for 4E… more on that in a bit.

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