Ropecon 2008 Opens Its Website. Also, Other Stuff

It’s been a busy couple of days. I have been crunching numbers like mad for the last of our Living Greyhawk modules, NAE8-04 Bright Sun, Black Lion. Now, only the treasure calculations remain to be done before the rotter can be playtested and shipped off to the Circle for sanctioning.

Calculating treasure, incidentally, is the most annoying part of making a Living Greyhawk module. Calculating Encounter Levels is another, because there’s a cap on how many Encounter Levels you can stuff into a module and the way the cap scales up with Average Party Levels (a module generally is written for three to six level tiers) means that it’s effectively going to be three moderately challenging combat encounters in every module. This gets predictable after a while.

But then, this is the last one. After this, no more.

Paizo has released their fourth Pathfinder Society preview. Qadira, as I predicted. Nick Logue confirms in a thread on the Paizo forums that members of different factions can adventure together. The final faction will be unveiled on Thursday. I’m guessing it to be Taldor.

Finally, Ropecon has opened its website for 2008.

That URL nearly gave me a heart attack. It reads “”. Messukeskus, the Helsinki Fair Centre, was the location of Ropecon 1995, which is generally regarded as the worst Ropecon of all time.

Fortunately the con is still held at Dipoli, our beloved non-Euclidean labyrinth in the middle of the darkest Otaniemi, where the shadows lie.

This year, the guests of honour are Chris Pramas of Green Ronin Publishing, the freelance game designer Greg Stolze, and what I presume must be the LARP guest, Peter Andreasen of Denmark. Sorry, no link for the last one, since I can’t seem to be able to find his homepage, or anything that’s not in Danish.

A very good lineup, I think. Greg Stolze is a maker of many awesome things, such as a lot of Unknown Armies, a lot for Feng Shui, and my favourite superhero roleplaying game Godlike and my favourite WW2 roleplaying game Godlike. He’s also done a deal of work on the new World of Darkness, which I consider less awesome, but still a lot more awesome than the old one. His newest work is Reign, a fantasy roleplaying game. I’ve yet to get around to reading the damn book, but I’ve been assured that it’s also awesome. The reason I haven’t yet got around to reading the damn book is the City of Lies box for Legend of the Five Rings, also by Greg Stolze. Which is awesome.

Chris Pramas, on the other hand, has done some excellent work on the second edition of Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play, as well as on Mutants & Masterminds and on a whole load of D20 material, such as The Freeport Trilogy, a series of pirate-themed adventures released in the early D20 boom and recently rereleased as a fifth anniversary edition. You gotta love a module that starts with a Flogging Molly quotation.

You can tell I am excited.

Then, it is Ropecon. I am always excited about Ropecon. Best gaming convention I’ve ever been to. I think it’ll be my twelfth Ropecon, this year.

And really, how can you not love the convention that inspired this comic strip?

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