A Time to Relax

It feels good to get a workload off one’s shoulders. NAE8-04 Bright Sun, Black Lion, the final Naerie regional for Living Greyhawk was just playtested and should be sent off for sanctioning tomorrow – with abundant six days left on the deadline, too. Got a little something back from my proofreaders and sent off to Roolipelaaja, too.

I’m not the only one who’s been busy with stuff, though. On Monday, Paizo Publishing put up their offering from Free RPG Day (an event that places in the world that were not Finland celebrated on Saturday – we had Midsummer, when the game store was closed and the vodka bottle open) as a free download – D1.5 Revenge of the Kobold King, by Nicolas Logue.

Very cunning, Paizo, to make it a sequel to D1 Crown of the Kobold King. Now I’ll have to get that one, too.

RPGA, meanwhile, has put up the “final AR” for Living Greyhawk. It is a questionably edited document that lays out your character’s retirement in a few words depending on what favours he has acquired. While I’ve got a good bit of those unplayed, it looks like Achmed ibn Fahdlan ibn Raschid ibn al-Hazred, my asherati bard/swashbuckler, will be joining Rary’s court. Possibly as the ambassador to Tenh. Apart from that, not much for my characters. A bit meh, that. We do have something similar in the Adventure Record for NAE8-04 Bright Sun, Black Lion, though.

They also put up the third issue of Greyhawk Grumbler, an in-character broadsheet from the City of Greyhawk, where some quick quill lambasts the powers that be. It’s written by Eric Menge, and actually good. Looks like old man Nerof Gasgal finally bought it.

Goodman Games, a third-party D20 publisher best remembered for their Dungeon Crawl Classics series, is the first company to announce GSL products – to be released at GenCon, before the October 1st date that the Game System Licence enforces. I’m unclear on what’s behind this, but apparently they have cut some sort of special deal with Wizards of the Coast – or they’re just trying their luck. I hope it works out for them.

ICv2 releases some comparative sales figures from the areas of roleplaying games, miniature games, card games and board games. It’s an interesting read, and confirms what I’ve long suspected – Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures has been outselling the main game. This goes some way in explaining why 4E is so heavily reliant on them – it’s not just the game, it’s WotC’s profit margins.

It’s the tragedy of D&D – to always be outsold by one’s own spinoff products.

And speaking of tragedies of D&D, WotC has finally got some of its act together and released the first part of Dungeons & Dragons Insider – The D&D Compendium. I am not impressed, and have yet to see anything on their site worth paying $1 a month for, let alone the $15 they’ll be asking if they ever get everything online.

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