Ropecon Draws Nigh

It’s now about 38 hours before the doors of Ropecon 2008 open.

Me, I feel like I’m running out of time. There are still niggling details of my presentation that need to be ironed out, there’s transportation to figure out, and material to print. Loads of material to print. One ink cartridge already gave up the ghost and the second is well on its way toward the office supply heaven.

Sampo and I will be doing our presentation about organised play campaigns, primarily Living Greyhawk, Living Forgotten Realms and Pathfinder Society, at 21:00 on Saturday, in the Klondyke room. It will either be a spectacular failure or really funny and informative. Whichever occurs, it ought to be worth checking out.

I’ll be running games on Friday and Sunday. On Friday, I think I’ll be offering the Living Greyhawk Naerie regional NAE7-04 Unyielding, written by myself, and on Sunday, the regional NAE7-05 Trail of the Serpent, by Sampo Haarlaa. There are also eleven other scheduled tables of Living Greyhawk running at the con – the last tables of Living Greyhawk Ropecon will see. Next year, it’ll be Pathfinder Society. If you wish to play these, you’ll want to do it now.

The rest of the time, I’ll be checking out the speeches, presentations and panel discussions, meeting with the regulars from a bunch of different chatrooms and forums, and probably sitting at ESC’s table, which should be located in the lobby.

If someone wishes to say hi, I should be readily identifiable by a pair of badges saying “NiTessine”. Also, likely a kilt, but there can be any amount of those present.

There’s a crapload of other interesting stuff to see this year, such as Chris Pramas’ and Greg Stolze’s speeches and presentations, Guy Windsor’s Realities of Steel lecture and swordfight presentation, Ville Vuorela’s Stalker presentation, Kaj Sotala speaking about nanotechnology, and this curiosity called “Sauron as a Statesman”, which examines familiar fantasy settings from the point of view of modern social sciences, pondering what a create food and water spell does to a barter economy or what happens to law enforcement when a level 40 barbarian engages in some civil disobedience.

Well, 37 hours now.

I’ll see you there.

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