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And as promised, Paizo Publishing placed the new Pathfinder Society Organised Play documents online on Friday. I am only reporting this now, because, well, see the last post.

I’m still digesting the data, but it looks a lot like Living Greyhawk. Biggest changes are nixing the use of experience points – level-ups are counted from the number of modules you’ve played and there’s no item creation at all. Season 0 will be still using the Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 rules, and the campaign will be making the switch to Pathfinder RPG once the final version comes out at Gen Con Indy 2009. I think Nicolas Logue or Joshua Frost stated somewhere that the first year’s modules will be enough to take a character to level 12 if he plays them all. This would be a lot faster than what we’re used to in Living Greyhawk, where I’ve been playing Xaylen Ambedor for four years and he’s still only level 11. Then, he’s not my only character.

The modules will be up on Monday, and will cost $3.99. In real money, this is roughly €2.70. Still cheaper than pretty much any other gaming product out there, and if you’re still hesitating, rule that the players must bring snacks. There.

In a move that surprised everyone, Wizards of the Coast has admitted they may have made a few slight judgment errors in drafting the abomination that is the current Game System Licence, and will be revising it.

Amusingly, there was a guy at Ropecon who explained to me at length how the GSL was actually meant to be unusable by anyone with a property of any value, so they could get rid of the direct competition.

It’s still possible that he was right, though. Only time will tell if the next version of the GSL will be actually worth anything, or just terribly, terribly wrong in a different fashion.

(Via Geek Revised and Living Dice.)

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