ENnie and Diana Jones Awards Presented

I talked about these a while back. It’s Gen Con time, and that means award ceremonies. The Diana Jones Award ceremony was held on Wednesday, while the ENnies were given out last night. Neither website has yet been updated, which I suppose is understandable, in a way. If I was there with 20,000 other gamers having fun, I wouldn’t bother with stuff like that, either.

However, there are other sources for this data. Like Wolfgang Baur’s LiveJournal, where we get the Diana Jones results.

The 2008 Diana Jones Award was a tie, between Wolfgang Baur’s Open Design and Jason Morningstar’s roleplaying game Grey Ranks.

Congratulations to the winners!

Hmm. Arkenstone stocks Grey Ranks. It must be mine!

Then there’s the big event, the ENnies. Results available on the EN World front page (for the time being, at least). There’s a lot, so I won’t reproduce it all here.

I will, however, point out that Paizo won gold for Best Cover Art, Best Adventure, Best Setting, Best Adversary Product, Best Aid or Accessory, Best Web Enhancement or Free Product, and Best Publisher. Silver for Best Interior Art. My other favourite, Green Ronin‘s Pirate’s Guide to Freeport got gold for Best Cartography and silver for Best Setting.

It’s more or less as I expected, actually. I just wished Seven Days to the Grave would have performed better. It’s a smashing adventure, and one of the things it rightfully smashes is the hoary old fallacy that plagues aren’t a danger in D&D, with all those clerics running around.

Ah, well. Congratulations to Paizo, Green Ronin, White Wolf, Pelgrane Press, Kenzer & Co, Fat Dragon Games, Malhavoc Press, Goodman Games, Pinnacle Entertainment Group, Exile Games Studio, Lone Wolf Development, and hey, even Wizards of the Coast. I loved Confessions of a Part-Time Sorceress.

Also, congratulations to DungeonMastering.com and FlamesRising.com for Best Fan Products!

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