Upcoming Stuff, PFS in Finland

I appear to have failed some Fort saves in the last week or so and am now struggling with a particularly nasty flu. When I haven’t been leaking blood and mucus on the keyboard, I’ve been keeping up with the gaming world.

4E Settings

A lot of news from Gen Con still don’t seem to have trickled into the general consciousness, even though it was weeks ago. From the Dragonlance Canticle podcast we learn that Dragonlance was confirmed to be on the way as a 4E adaptation. It’s now a toss-up between Dragonlance, Dark Sun and Greyhawk for the 2010 setting. Thee horror setting Ravenloft, it seems, will be “folded into the core” in the online Dragon, which is even worse for setting integrity than Forgotten Realms 4E. I’ve actually levelled this criticism at the “points of light” concept itself, but it works even better for Ravenloft, because the xenophobia isn’t just implied, it’s a significant trope. When you have secluded, superstitious villagers, tiefling warlocks and dragonborn get burned at the stake.

Also, I don’t really see horror gaming working with a system that’s weighted toward tactical combat and based on the concept of character empowerment even more than any of its predecessors.

Rogue Trader

On a far more positive note, Fantasy Flight Games announced that they’ll be going ahead with Black Industries’ original plan for the Warhammer 40,000 roleplaying games, and will be releasing Rogue Trader sometime next year.

For those of you who don’t remember the original announcement, the concept is that the first game, Dark Heresy, covers playing Inquisitorial agents, members of the retinue of an Imperial Inquisitor. They ferret out plots against the Imperium, hunt down mutants, heretics and aliens, and are generally a cheerful bunch. As a point of note, Dark Heresy has the grisliest critical hit charts I’ve ever seen.

Then, there’s Rogue Trader, where you play as members of a rogue trader’s crew, which should open up the possibility of alien characters or even full-fledged Inquisitors (something Dark Heresy does not cover).

Finally, we ought to be getting Deathwatch, where you play the best of the best of the best – the Adeptus Astartes of the Deathwatch Chapter, subject to Ordo Xenos of the Inquisition, picked from their home chapters for a tour of duty as heavy muscle for the Inquisition, for when a pocked of alien scum needs to absolutely, positively, be scoured off the face of the planet. Mmmm, space marines…

Tangentially related, here’s the funniest summary of the WH40K setting I’ve seen: TVTropes.org’s article.

Rogue Games Announces Contest for Game Design and Art

Rogue Games wants amateur game designers and artists to submit their work for a global contest for their Thousand Suns supplement. The winning entries will end up in the supplement, which will be released at Gen Con 2009.

So, if you’re a young hopeful, can hold a pen the right way up, and want your name in a book, and haven’t been published professionally in the gaming field, here’s your chance.

I think this is a fairly cool idea. The pay is crap, but I’ve received considerably less compensation for most of the stuff that makes me ineligible for it.

(Via LivingDice.com.)

Pathfinder Society Continues in Finland

We’ve been working hard on getting the PFS campaign really up and running. We’ve set up a page on a local gaming wiki for campaign info in Finnish, and I’m putting wheels in motion over here in Tampere. Should be getting games together starting next week, if I’m lucky.

In addition to being the first Finnish Pathfinder Society DM a couple of weeks back, I also ended up the first character death last weekend. My cleric of Cayden Cailean, Glen lhap Roy, was shot through the head with a longbow. From full hit points to -18. Critical hits can be cruel.

I don’t mourn. Didn’t lose out on experience points, didn’t die until the end of the (very good) module, and had fun playing. My next character is Adhemar of Senara, a Chelaxian hellknight armiger.

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