Paizo Announces Pathfinder Society Open Call


Paizo Publishing just announced an open call of adventure writers for their organised play campaign Pathfinder Society.

For now, they’re asking for a 750-word scenario outline based on one of their two outlines. The deadline for these is Friday the 17th. And it’s an exam week, yikes!

Because with schoolwork, Roolipelaaja articles, NaNoWriMo and one possible book editing job breathing down on my neck in the next few months, what I really need is another writing assignment to occupy my time, so I will be submitting them something. The worst-case scenario is that I get to write some more and someone actually pays me money to do it, which is a rare enough occurrence.

For you readers, here’s yet another chance to get your name in print. Well, on a pdf.

Meanwhile, on the LFR side of things, Dalelands Point of Contact Sampo Haarlaa resigns. His position is, I believe, currently unfilled, so if you have a high tolerance for the stupid, you could take a look into it. I think the Southern Europe Writing Director and Event Coordinator posts are also vacant. Something to do with WotC alienating most of the RPGA actives in France, I think.

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