Friday Night Roundup

A combination of schoolwork and NaNoWriMo has conspired me from updating for a while. For now, though, my deadlines have been staved off and my novel has stalled, so I can update here, for once.

The results of the Paizo open call came in – didn’t make it, which does not surprise me, but the next one is starting on the 11th. Also, Josh Frost gave feedback on my proposal, telling me how it stands to be improved.

Apparently, I have a real problem with passive tense.

Seems Green Ronin is also looking for writers, for a Freeport module in True20. I’m not going to be writing for that one, though. Though Freeport is a great setting, I’m not familiar with True20 and though I know it’s light and could probably acquaint myself with it easily enough, I’d rather not have to buy a new book and my time is limited. Besides, the likelihood of actually ending up writing the full adventure is slim.

A partial reason for my long silence is the sharp decline in the amount of gaming that I get. These days, it’s mostly Pathfinder Society every few weeks, with me running. Sessions are short and though I like the campaign, I’d also like to see the other side of the screen every now and then, or, failing that, run a real campaign of my own.

To paraphrase the author Elaine Cunningham, organised play campaigns are like chocolate chip cookies. They’re tasty, bite-sized, and addictive, but not really a good basis for a diet.

I’m itching to run one of the Paizo adventure paths, or perhaps a Pathfinder RPG campaign based on the Falcon’s Hollow adventures. Or Dark Heresy. Or anything else, really.

It’s the creative aspect of the game that I want, really. Running PFS, while fun, doesn’t really allow or encourage me to tell a longer story. Self-contained, small adventures with little continuity between them are difficult, like that. Even playing a character, I get to create a background and a personality, to ground it in the setting and then apply it in different situations.

Next time, I will be talking about that grounding into setting, by the way, in the context of the November RPG Blog Carnival.

4 thoughts on “Friday Night Roundup

  1. I agree with your and Elaine Cunningham’s assesment of organized play campaigns. The problem with them is similar to that of MMORPGs: you might be the central figure who gets to beat up the bad guy this week, but next week it’s going to be someone else. Also, everyone’s beat up the same bad guy you have, so you’re not really that special and no one can brag about it because it could spoil the fun for those adventurers who are only going to beat up that bad guy next week.

    So, yeah, I’m happy that one of my friends is finally getting another home campaign started. While the style isn’t as high fantasy as I would’ve hoped I’m sure it’ll be fun.

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