Looking Back at 2008

It was quite a year, in both good and bad.

Many greats passed away. Gary Gygax, N. Robin Crossby, Erick Wujcik, Bob Bledsaw, people who built and created this hobby. Living Greyhawk ended, Dark Heresy, Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play and Talisman only narrowly avoided the axe, and the era of Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 came to an end.

On the other hand, we got Pathfinder, Dark Heresy and all the rest are still around, and the Chinese Democracy of the Finnish RPG scene, Stalker, came out, and was good. Tracon rocked. Finncon rocked. Ropecon rocked. I started this blog, which has occasionally divided opinion, but I think it’s a good thing.

I realise that I’m a bit late with this post. I blame World of Warcraft (my tauren druid is at level 68!), a New Year’s celebration that we maybe tackled with a smidgeon too much enthusiasm, and my little bother’s move.

I prefer not to dwell on the past year. There was good stuff, there was bad stuff, and we’ve all seen it already. It is time to look forward, into the future, at what looks like it’s gonna be an awesome gaming year.

There will be new games!

Towards the end of the year we’ll be getting The Dresden Files Roleplaying Game (hopefully), and Tales of New Crobuzon, of which I’ve blogged before. At GenCon 2009, we should be getting from Fantasy Flight Games the second part of the Warhammer 40,000 RPG triptych, the rogue trader game (and this month, Creatures Anathema, a monster sourcebook for Dark Heresy).

There also may or may not be a game called Deliverance in the pipeline from Kahriptic Knights Publishing. Allegedly, it will feature characters from the monster rock band Lordi. For those of you who don’t know or rememeber Lordi, let’s watch it again… The company’s website doesn’t really inspire confidence, though.

However, the big thing I am waiting for, which, if properly executed, eclipses all these in sheer awesome, is, of course, Pathfinder RPG, from Paizo Publishing.

There will be conventions!

The con year starts with the one-day anime and RPG convention Tracon in Tampere, on February 7th. I’ll be there, running Pathfinder Society.

There may or may not be a Conklaavi this year, too. It’s in Turku, in the spring, I’m not a part of the scene over there and I don’t think I even know anyone working on it anymore. They eventually do get the event off, but its existence is usually poorly advertised and two years ago  I didn’t even find out about the convention until after the fact.

Finally, there’s the most important con of the year, Ropecon, in Espoo, which is the one all you foreigners should come to. It’s in the summer, I think a week before GenCon Indy, and tends to generate staggering amounts of praise from our American guests of honour, most recently Chris Pramas. John Kovalic’s Dork Tower strip from a few years back was also great.

At Ropecon, there are RPGs! There are miniature games! There are card games! There are monks beating themselves on the head with 4E PHBs, and ninjas, and kilted Game Masters! There are explosions! (Well, not usually, but I’ll see what we can come up with.) And every Ropecon I’ve been to has been better than the one before it!

There will also be Finncon, on July 10th-12th in Helsinki. It’s the big science fiction con in Finland, and this year the guests of honour are George R.R. Martin and Alastair Reynolds. Finncon is also awesome, especially now that there will be special segregation of the anime fandom into their own designated area.

Ah, this year is a good year to game!

3 thoughts on “Looking Back at 2008

  1. Did you also get the “would you like to Review Deliverance”-email from Kahriptic press? The Kahriptic evidently send such emails to several bloggers.

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