Update on Ropecon, Tracon, Other Things

The dates of Ropecon are now public: July 31 – August 2, 2009. Also, the guilty parties. I am responsible for organising the tabletop games.

I was actually asked to apply for the position by some individuals, apparently because the last few years the tabletop offerings haven’t been what they could have been. I am not entirely certain how putting me, of all people, in charge of it things is supposed to improve them. I can only wait, and see, and work, and hope the trust is not misplaced.

Continuing tangentially on topic (me), it would appear that a student at the local polytechnic has cited my Roolipelikirja in her professional master’s thesis, on visual design. That’s a first.

The topic of the thesis seems to be the design process some kind of card-based storygame called Aulos, plus the game itself, not included in the pdf. The name of Ron Edwards appears in the document too often for my comfort, but the game itself looks sorta interesting. Will be available at Tracon, on February 7, in Hervanta, where the shadows lie. Must pick it up.

The Pathfinder Society schedule of Tracon is now clear, by the way. At 11:00, I will be running the module Black Waters, and at 12:00, Juhani Seppälä will be running The Frozen Fingers of Midnight. We’re now working on getting some premade characters done.

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