Last PFS Open Call, Dollhouse Interactive Drama, Stuff


Who the hell came to this blog from a porn site?

WordPress is a lovely blog base. It gives me all these funky Big Brother tools that I can use to keep an eye on where people come from to my blog, what search engine terms they’ve used, what links they’ve clicked, and so forth. It even draws me these really cool graphs about my visitor figures.

Usually, they spike whenever I talk about 4E and/or the Nazis. That damn review got me into a flamewar on fucking SomethingAwful eight months after I’d written it. Never, ever try to discuss anything with a goon. Life is too short.

So, a couple of days ago, someone came to the blog from a porn site. No, I’m not gonna link it. It was a paysite, anyway, and I couldn’t get in to dig out the link. Only a single hit, anyway, but it does make one curious.

Also, there are funky search engine terms. My favorites from the past few weeks are:

hate living forgotten realms

pathfinder is sticking it to wotc

suck it dice

mudsex logs

Only one visitor each, fortunately. The last one really creeps me out for some reason.

However, I had something actually interesting to tell you!

Paizo is holding its last Pathfinder Society open call until next September. It’s also their last open call under the 3.5 rules.

Instructions in the link above, deadline for the 750-word outline on February 20th. The concepts they’ve got laid out there look pretty juicy and even though I’m swamped with essays, corpus analysis, writing assignments, exams, stuff for the department club, stuff for Ropecon, and trying to hold up the feeble illusion of a social life, I might take a shot at one or both.

In other news, the Finnish game designer and gods know what else Mike Pohjola is working with The company P and Fox TV on some sort of interactive drama tie-in with Joss Whedon’s new series, Dollhouse. These are the guys who picked up an Emmy last year for Sanningen im Marika. Check it out at

Of course, since this is Fox TV, if it’s actually good, it’ll get canned before the end of the year. I never could wrap my head around the concept of a television company that’s actively opposed to making good television.

2 thoughts on “Last PFS Open Call, Dollhouse Interactive Drama, Stuff

  1. It is a DNS attack. You can find more by googling. It is going around, nothing you should worry about.

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