Since my Rise of the Runelords game went on a summer vacation immediately after starting (we got off one session, and then came exams and deadlines and then two players and me skipped town for the  summer), I’m now starting another Pathfinder Adventure Path for a summer campaign. It is the fourth of its kind, Legacy of Fire. We set up a Finnish-language website for the game.

Due to popular demand (and one of the players owning the hardcopy beta rules), we’re playing this in Pathfinder RPG Beta.  I need to brush up a bit on the ruleset, but I’m not working on extensive monster or NPC conversions. It’s backwards-compatible, so why bother? Even the Grapple modifiers translate directly into Combat Maneuver Bonus. I’m just reading up on the spells and feats that might have changed.

Since the adventure paths are known to get pretty difficult later on, I made the PCs rather… buff:

  • Ability scores generated by 25-point buy.
  • Double starting hit points.
  • Maximum starting gold.
  • Two bonus traits at the beginning.
  • Additional material to be approved on a case-by-case basis. Most Paizo and WotC stuff is free game, though.

The party is only four strong, so they should still have a challenge. I also houseruled that since the campaign is set in the distant Katapesh, far to the south of Taldor and Absalom, Common in the game is Kelish, not Taldan. It’s not a major change, but it is atmospheric.

The PCs are Amra, a half-elf ranger with a thing about gnolls; Fenthor, a halfling bard and abolitionist; Burburtep, a half-orc whom  Fenthor set free and who follows him because he doesn’t know what else to do; and Bouzak, a half-orc cleric of Sarenrae, the sun goddess.

It should be noted that with a bard and a monk, this party would never have been viable in 3.5.

First game is on Sunday. I am excited.

2 thoughts on “FUEGO!

  1. Another point of note: If this was 3.5, this party would never have consisted of 2 Half-orcs, a Half-elf and a halfling. The Half-Humans in 3.5 just weren’t worth their salt when compared to Full-Humans.

    Yep, color me exited as well.

  2. I liked 3,5 edition half-elf :-/ However, I’ve ALWAYS liked half-elves and half-orcs, and wasn’t into this “optimizing” thing..

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