Greyhawk Still Alive: The Principality of Naerie Gazetteer 599 CY

When Living Greyhawk ended, we always had the plan to make one final Gazetteer for our region, the Principality of Naerie. We wanted to update our setting to the post-LG era, to show how plot arcs ended and new ones began, and where our beloved characters retired after the last Adventure Record was signed.

Not all characters survived the campaign, and not all of those who survived retired. Not all of those who retired were significant enough to warrant inclusion. However, there’s maybe ten former PCs in there.

This was actually finished months ago, but due to problems with the hosting of the old Naerie website, we couldn’t get it up anywhere. I feel a bit stupid, actually, since I didn’t understand until now that I can upload it on my WordPress account and have it downloadable here.

So, I give to you… The Principality of Naerie Gazetteer of Common Year 599!

It’s still not what I’d call a finished work. Sampo Haarlaa wrote expanded city gazetteers for the provincial capitals and Radoc, which could be updated and added to the Gazetteer. It could also do with some reorganising and an Organisations chapter, which could include such things as the Order of the Blue and Gold, who were our little-used Jack Bauer-esque paladins, and the Midnight Darkness, the Patriotic Knights and a few others. The religion chapter seems to lack an entry for Pelor, whose church in Naerie was established at the end of the campaign. If we had an official update on the end of the Bright Sands plot arc, we could also decide on the fate of the Bright Lands embassy in Naerie City and the two PCs who’d be associated with it.

That is all for the future, however. I may get around to doing some of those things later on, especially if we can get final, official campaign consequences for the 598 Core plot arcs. For now, we have a gazetteer. It’s not perfect and it’s not complete, but it is done – and really, if it were perfect and complete, there wouldn’t be anything left for the adventurers to do, now would there?

To go along with the Gazetteer, grab yourself Anna Bernemalm’s map of the Principality from her Maps of the Flanaess site. It is an absolutely beautiful piece of work, and includes a great deal of material from our Gazetteer.

4 thoughts on “Greyhawk Still Alive: The Principality of Naerie Gazetteer 599 CY

  1. Missä on maininta Kelannenin Temppelistä!
    Eremis perusti sen virallisesti ja se mainitaan ainakin yhdessä skenussa,


  2. Super map site, thanks for pointing it out!

    I was never plugged into the LG framework, our Greyhawk campaign is a bit non-canonical (and pre Greyhawk Wars – although they’re just kicking off) but it’s good to see people keeping the spirit alive out there. You’ve just made it onto my blogroll.

  3. I’m glad y’all did that. We wanted to do the same thing with the Yeomanry but got too much “not allowed” flak from the Circle and I ended up disengaging from LG a couple years before the end.

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