A Compilation of News

There have been all kinds of new things happening that I meant to blog  about in the last couple of weeks and then didn’t because I didn’t have the time or the energy. Now is the time to take back some of that. Some of these probably are no longer exactly news, but they’re still Relevant to My Interests, and this is my blog, dammit!

First of all,  RPG Geek finally opened. It’s like BoardGame Geek, except RPGs. This means there’s all sorts of nifty features and stuff you can do with it that I haven’t yet had time to explore. However, there’s one reason above all that I think this is awesome. Behold. I can keep a listing of my RPG library online for bragging rights.

I’m currently in Espoo and their listings are still incomplete, so I haven’t been able to put up my entire collection. I’m going  back to Tampere, where my bookshelves lie, on Sunday. Then I can start really working on it. Meanwhile, if someone  could enter the Paizo product catalogue into the database, I’d be grateful. I’ll probably have to do the Finnish RPGs myself.

On the Pathfinder side of things, the Guide to Pathfinder Society Organized Play 2.0 came out during Ropecon. It’s an update of the campaign rules to PFRPG rules and will become live on the 13th when the game comes out. However, I wouldn’t print it quite yet – it’s been suggested that 2.1 is on its way, now that the ravening hordes of fans have had a chance to pick the 2.0 apart for errors.

Overall, though, I like it. The changing of faction feats into traits is welcome, and they’re all more or less fixed, too. Once the game comes out, I can start converting my dwarf ranger, Absalom Dzhownz, into PFRPG… Need my books for that, too, though, since now they’re allowing all sorts of things from the Pathfinder Chronicles books.

Also, it seems the release date didn’t really hold. Someone leaked, and now there’s a five-star first impressions review online at Chad Perrin: SOB. Interestingly, Pathfinder RPG was sold out on the strength of pre-orders alone. While this does include the copies bought by game stores and we’re unlikely to be left bereft of our rulebooks, it’s still pretty cool. They haven’t released numbers, but Erik Mona has stated that they don’t consider a printing of 10,000 copies “hugely ambitious” as this printing has been described, so I’m guessing 15,000 to 20,000 copies at the very least.

Moving on, the Diana Jones Award shortlist has been released. It’s nice to see jeepform nominated. The Vi åker jeep guys have visited Ropecon several times and their games have proven popular. Not quite my cup of tea, but far moreso than D&D 4E, which is so very excellent that if they ever lose their trophy, they can torch a PHB and make a new one.

There was also ENnies voting, but that closed already (I can understand that someone might think the 4E PHB is worth reading instead of using as a doorstop, but what the hell is King of the Trollhaunt Warrens doing there?). You can still vote for next year’s judges, though.

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