I Can Has Pathfinder

After an eighteen-month wait, two public playtest versions and a lot of anticipation, the Pathfinder RPG was finally released today.

I’ve got my copy, all 576 hardbound pages of it. It’s a huge tome. It’s got a good heft to it. It’s the kind of rulebook that is used to clobber unruly players into submission. HERO System’s FRED’s got nothing on the PFRPG.

Here it is, in all its beauty.


(The bottle is a Hungarian demi-sec sparkling wine that I sabred open with the knife. It originally cost me €3 and was bought for the express purpose of practicing sabrage. I figured that now was as good a time as any to test it out, and it went quite beautifully, except for the part where I had to drink the bottle alone. After smashing  the neck of the bottle, you can’t really cork it anymore. Today’s Lesson: good sparkling wine does not cost €3.)

I’ve spent most of the day updating my Pathfinder Society characters to the new system and making some preliminary conversions of other people’s characters. Here’s my current character, the dwarf ranger Absalom Dzhownz, and my secondary, the as-of-yet-unplayed gnome barbarian (and future bard) Ennio Magnifico. There’s also Aliandra, Xirien and Crosis, whose character sheets had been left with me. In my excitement, I converted them, too.

It was interesting to note that rangers gained medium armour proficiency, while clerics lost heavy armour. Spiked chains no longer have reach. All heavy and medium armours have had their armour bonus boosted by one. In the weapons table, there’s a new column for special keywords like “trip”, “disarm”, or “brace”, which is very handy.

Overall, my initial impression is very positive. I may do a full review at some point, or I may not. In the end, it’s still a book of rules and I don’t have the patience or the determination to read it all.

In related news, it seems Paizo has struck a deal with the other major “D&D in all but name” manufacturer, Reaper Miniatures. Reaper will be making a line of Pathfinder miniatures, which ought to be all sorts of awesome.

Today is a good day.

5 thoughts on “I Can Has Pathfinder

  1. Wait, what?

    Clerics lost Heavy Armor proficiency? When did this happen? It wasn’t like this in Beta.

    Perhaps more importantly, WHY did it happen?

  2. Dunno, I first heard about it yesterday. I am only guessing, but I believe it is to give the fighter a bit more room. Replacing the party fighter with another cleric just became a bit less appealing.

    Personally, I like the change a lot.

  3. I still haven’t received my preorder from Amazon. I am a sad panda. 😦

    And arguably, why does your average priest need armour at all? I know it’s a balance issue. But the loss of heavy armour proficiency is really a non-issue for me. Heck, I like the Cloistered Cleric… To me, priests are about divine power and an educated, literate person. You don’t need armour for that.

  4. Well, the cleric is strongly inspired by the Christian warrior priests of the Crusades. In the older editions, they were still limited to blunt weapons only, as the clerics of the Crusades were. The reasoning went that a man of the cloth could not shed blood, and thus could not wield a bladed weapon in combat.

    It’s the thought that counts, I suppose.

    I think the priest class from Adamant Entertainment’s Tome of Secrets might be the equivalent of the cloistered cleric variant. I haven’t yet got the book, though, so I can’t say.

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