Pathfinder Updates, Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play 3E

Well, the game is now really out, and sometime last night a lot of cool goodies hit the internet.

First of all, the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook’s PDF is now available. It’s not free, but at $10, it just as well might be. Add to that my subscriber discount, and my copy cost me less than the pint of cider I drank last night.

And really, the only thing cheaper than that is free, and it’s the Pathfinder RPF Reference Document. Less spiffy Wayne Reynolds art, but it’s the entire game. Including the XP charts, this time.

Since it’s a 576-page book, we can excuse a few errors sneaking in. Paizo is good at fixing them, though, and an errata document is downloadable from the My Downloads page at Paizo. You’ll need to log in to get it, though.

While you’re there, pick up the 3.5-to-PFRPG conversion guide and the Pathfinder Bestiary preview document. There’s also a free player’s guide for the Council of Thieves campaign.

Unfortunately, it seems their website is under heavy traffic at the moment and the download personaliser is down for the count. You can still get the errata and the updated traits document, though. The forums are also out of order at the moment to reduce the server’s workload. It’s not great, but it is preferable to the entire site going down, like WotC’s when 4E was announced…

Additionally, Adamant Entertainment released their PFRPG-compatible Tome of Secrets. That one went on my wishlist.

With all the brouhaha about Pathfinder RPG, I nearly missed another interesting announcement: Fantasy Flight Games is producing a third edition of Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play. It seems like Arkham Horror and WFRP 2E had a child. Apparently it comes in a box, has four rulebooks, 30 custom dice and around 300 cards. And it costs $100.

While Fantasy Flight Games makes quality games (both my favourite board games, Arkham Horror and the twelve-hour galaxy conquest extravaganza Twilight Imperium, are theirs), I must confess that I am suspicious. This might be the awesomest thing ever, or it might be total crap and a blatant cash grab. I have no hope for backwards compatibility.

Whichever it is, I’m waiting for the reviews, because my wallet doesn’t stretch that far just out of curiosity.

Actually, it might be a good move for FFG to put the rulebooks up online as free downloads. You’ll still need to buy the whole set for the dice and the cards, so there’s no loss, and customers don’t need to buy a pig in a poke. They’ve done this with their board games, to good effect.

1 thought on “Pathfinder Updates, Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play 3E

  1. I have to say, I’m curious about WFRP 3e. It seems there’s some potential for awesome (I’m personally interested in the custom dice and how they actually work with the mechanics), but based on what I’m seeing it looks more like an updated Warhammer Quest.

    Then again, I could be completely wrong and this could be the best thing since sliced bread, but that’ll remain to be seen.

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