Four New Pathfinder Classes?

The data thus far is pretty hazy, but there’s a preliminary report on the Paizo boards (whose forum software, for the record, I hate with the heat of a thousand suns) that 2010 will see the Pathfinder Advanced Player’s Handbook, which would include four new base classes, described as cavalier, oracle, summoner and some type of alchemy class. The summoner’s concept, as far as I can tell, would be to build a customised monster of their own instead of spamming summon monster like the immediate fear goes.

Also, at this point, even the names are still subject to change.

There was also the interesting tidbit that the playtest will be open. In addition, there’s a quotation from the CEO Lisa Stevens to the effect that there will be three Pathfinder RPG rulebook releases per year, one of those a bestiary of some kind. Pathfinder RPG Bestiary II is slated for May 2010. The Advanced PHB would come out at Gen Con 2010.

The summoner sounds interesting. Hard to say anything about the rest, except that the oracle sounds a bit strange. Foretelling the future doesn’t sound like a job for a PC or even really viable in a D&D-style RPG, unless you want your campaign to look like Ticket to Ride. Well, they can probably figure something out.

The cavalier is another on I’m curious about, since I really dislike the concept of a PC class that’s tied to a creature that won’t fit in a dungeon. For this reason, I am very  happy about the paladin’s divine bond in the new Pathfinder RPG. Now, the paladin can boost his sword instead of getting a pokémount. Then, if they were smart enough to change that, I doubt they’ll revisit the problem with another class. It could also be a relative of the knight from 3.5’s Player’s Handbook II, which is another class I dislike. It is also tied to its steed, and its core gimmick, the knight’s challenge, is an aggro control mechanic lifted from MMO’s that I feel has no place in a tabletop roleplaying game. Some sort of noble warrior who’s not married to his horse would be cool, though.

Of course, this is all based on some forum posts and may even turn out to be someone pulling a prank.

Well, we shall see. At least in a public playtest, I am able to get my voice heard, and I’m already running a pair of Pathfinder Adventure Paths (Rise of the Runelords and Legacy of Fire). The next sessions of both campaigns will include conversions to Pathfinder RPG, from 3.5 and the beta, respectively. I’ve been playing Star Wars Saga, running Pathfinder RPG Beta and both playing and running Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 all summer, and almost no session has gone by without me confusing rules from one game with another.

6 thoughts on “Four New Pathfinder Classes?

  1. The cavalier will have a couple of mount-related bennies, but they will NOT be the main point of the class. The main point of the class will be to have a martial class with a more “social” class skill list, ally-boosting “berate” powers, and most likely some cool abilities tied to one of several “allegiances” you can choose from. All will be revealed in the Open Playtest (and in truth we’re still developing the class), but we’re well aware that horses don’t fit in dungeons and make a totally lame anchor for an adventuring class.

    There’s also a LOT more to the oracle than predicting the future. Indeed, that’s going to end up a relatively minor aspect of the class, which will be a “spontaneous” divine caster. We’re really excited about this class.

    When we get back from Gen Con we’ll post short summaries of our thoughts so far on these classes, so you can tell what we’re shooting for. The names suggest the conceptual niche, but it’s really important that these new classes have a _mechanical_ niche as well, and we’ve come up with some really exciting ideas I think are going to blow people’s minds.


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  3. Hopefully they’ll change the name of the Oracle as based on the fluff the class seems to have next to nothing to do with predicting the future, simply being a spontaneous divine caster with domains where the Sorcerer has bloodlines.

    The Summoner seems nice conceptually and I’m really looking forward to it.

    Alchemist seems to be a self-buffer, so more along to lines of Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde. I’m not quite sure what to think.

    The Cavalier is, apparently, the much needed tank straight from MMORPGs that Pathfinder RPG really needed. That combined with Paladins being able to have tiger mounts means that OMG PATHFINDER IS WOW!!!1one 😉

  4. For anyone who’d like to see the rules, I created an SRD site for the Pathfinder RPG. That site includes all of the open content released by Paizo as part of the final rules for the Pathfinder RPG.

    I’d love it if it got reviewed here (good or bad) as I’d love to hear peoples comments on how to make it better etc.

    If you are interested in checking it out, it’s at

    Love to hear from anyone!

    John (jreyst)

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