Good News and Bad News

I’ll give you the bad news first: according to Greg Yahn, Wizards of the Coast Director of Marketing, WotC is not going to renew their Star Wars licence, and the Star Wars Miniatures and Star Wars Saga lines will be coming to an end. The licence is expiring in May, and the products will be available until August. There are still a couple of releases coming down the pipe in the next few months, but after April’s Unknown Regions, that’s it for WotC and Star Wars.

You’ll notice how I’m exercising great restraint here and not reporting that WotC is getting out of the RPG business for good.

I’m kinda sad to see Star Wars Saga come to an end. I like the game, and had they used it as a model for how to do 4E, I might have written some fifteen thousand words less about my hatred for the game and its supplements. I might also be still buying WotC products. This does kinda render my boycott meaningless, because now that Paul S. Kemp is no longer writing for them and with Saga ending, they’re really no longer selling anything that I want. It is notable, though, that the line is pretty much complete as it is. They got all the era sourcebooks out, a spaceship sourcebook, an alien book, and whatever else. There’s nothing really missing that I can think of.

Now, the only thing for me to do is to hoard the supplements – especially Old Republic, for my favourite era of play – from second-hand sellers.

We’ll see if someone else picks up the licence. It’ll probably happen sooner or later. Mongoose Publishing is one possible candidate for it, I suppose. Cubicle 7 is another possibility, though they’ll probably have their hands full with the Lord of the Rings licence for the time being. Green Ronin? Perhaps even Paizo? Time will tell.

However, there are also good news!

The people at Evil Hat have locked down a release date for The Dresden Files RPG! It’s coming out at Origins, June 23rd!

It’s coming out in two books, one, Your Story, containing the rules and the other, Our World, the setting. It uses the Fate system from Spirit of the Century, which I’m not personally familiar with but which is allegedly pretty good for a certain type of game.

For those of you not in the know, the Dresden Files is a series of modern-day fantasy novels about Harry Dresden, the only wizard in the Chicago phone book. The setting draws a lot from White Wolf’s World of Darkness, except it left out all the angst. I like Jim Butcher’s prose style, and he has the rare ability to distill the pure essence of awesome into some elements of his novels. There are currently eleven out, with the twelfth, Changes, hitting shelves in April. I can recommend the novels to everyone and the TV series to no one, except perhaps a strange breed of masochist who gets their kicks out of boredom.

That is all for now. I shall return sometime next week after I’ve dissected some of the PDF offerings from that Haiti bundle and tell you what I think.

2 thoughts on “Good News and Bad News

  1. I believe that over the past 2 years, WotC (or more likely, Hasbro) has more than amply demonstrated that it doesn’t want your filthy gamer money because we are all loathsome pirates or some other equally stupid reason.

  2. I don’t know about that. WotC keeps giving me new reasons to fork over my filthy gamer money by the truckload. DDI? Dark Sun? Gamma World? Yes, please.

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