Read an RPG Book Week, More on the Novels

Over at the roleplaying advocacy site The Escapist, they’ve got a project to raise the visibility of RPGs and public awareness for the hobby. They call it the “Read an RPG Book in Public Week“, which isn’t exactly snappy, but there is something to be said about clarity. It’s exactly what it says on the tin, really. Happens three times a year, first starting on February 28th, a Sunday, because there are parts of the world that still haven’t figured out that the week starts on Monday. That’s why Saturday and Sunday are the weekEND. Get it?

I, for one, wholly endorse this kind of activity. Reading RPG books in public, that is, not having weeks start on Sundays. That’s just dumb.

So, participate. Join the Facebook group. Go forth from your abodes and read.

For me, reading RPG books in public is hardly a new thing, but I’ll make it a point to do it on these weeks.

Tangentially related to this and my last post about tie-in fiction, Ari Marmell has written a column about D&D novels he would like to recommend. Having read all the novels on his list, I can but voice my agreement with it, though I’d say the later Twilight War Trilogy is better than the Erevis Cale Trilogy. Then, both are pretty good, and you’ll want to read them in order, Erevis Cale first.

1 thought on “Read an RPG Book Week, More on the Novels

  1. That’s part of the beauty of this project – it’s easily compatible with ALL week formats! Just rip the Sunday off of the front, and stick it on the end – now, your Read an RPG Book in Public Week starts on March 1st and ends on March 7th.

    Thanks for the links and the support, it is greatly appreciated!

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