Free RPG Day 2010 Offerings – Deathwatch! Pathfinder! Dark Sun! Sort of!

The Free RPG Day happened, once again. For the first time ever it wasn’t during the Finnish Midsummer celebrations, but our local game store chains still failed to participate, probably because of a lack of game space and because they make their money off manga and Warhammer, not roleplaying games.

However, the Internet comes to the rescue, and now, a couple of days after the event, there’s a wealth of free adventure modules online.

First off, from Fantasy Flight Games, we get the one item I’ve been waiting for the most – Final Sanction, the preview scenario for Deathwatch. They’ve also put up two additional characters and a FAQ link on their product support page. It’s the biggest of the WH40K RPG preview adventures, at 40 pages, and looks very promising. It also includes rules for hordes and demeanours. The available characters are a Dark Angel Assault Marine, a Blood Angel Devastator, a Space Wolf Tactical Marine, and an Ultramarine Apothecary. The additional characters are Ultramarine and Storm Warden Tactical Marines.

Paizo Publishing, in turn, gives us the adventure Master of the Fallen Fortress, which is your average, run-of-the-mill dungeon crawl, nothing in particular. More noteworthy than the module itself are the characters, which are a preview for the upcoming Advanced Player’s Guide – an alchemist, a cavalier, an oracle, a summoner, an inquisitor and a witch. It’s also Pathfinder Society -compliant and comes with a Scenario Chronicle sheet. It only gives the first-level stats for the characters, but if one is interested in levelling them up, there’s always the final playtest PDF before the book itself comes out for GenCon. As a side note, now that I’m browsing, it seems that the GameMastery Guide is finally out and the PDF is $10, for 320 pages.

From Alderac Entertainment Group, we get another preview module for an upcoming game, the fourth edition of Legend of the Five Rings. Legacy of Disaster is available from their RPG downloads page. The actual adventure seems to take up just eight pages of the 32-page PDF, the rest being quickstart rules and pregenerated characters. Personally, I’m looking forward to this. Though I never got to play it, I have a soft spot for L5R. I usually hate, hate, hate the katana-fetishism that occasionally pops up here and there, but L5R is fantasy and Rokugan is such an unabashedly Hollywood take on feudal Japan that I can forgive pretty much everything. Except the metaplot-centrism. And they seem to be finally getting away from that. Good job.

White Wolf, in turn, is still sorta apparently in the RPG business, and we get the adventure Under the Rose for Exalted. It’s set in the possible future of the Creation, where the Scarlet Empress has reclaimed the throne, and interestingly, the module suggests that it’s played with its own pregens as a plot point inside an ongoing campaign, such as… The Return of the Scarlet Empress. If it ever comes out.

Finally, there’s Wizards of the Coast, whose Free RPG Day offering was a Dark Sun module of some description. Instead of the module, the online crowd gets to settle for the pregen characters. At the time of writing, the file is corrupted and cannot be opened. The damn file can only be opened with WinZip.

There are other participating companies that haven’t yet uploaded their offerings or don’t intend to do so – and for the dice manufacturers, at least, that’s pretty understandable. I refer you to the event’s Facebook page, where they seem to be posting download links as stuff becomes available.

Personally, I think this event is awesome, even if our local stores don’t participate. We get free swag, the companies get advertising, the stores get customers coming in and maybe buying something else. The people who came up with the Free RPG Day and managed to sell it to even the big companies are likewise awesome. That is all.

4 thoughts on “Free RPG Day 2010 Offerings – Deathwatch! Pathfinder! Dark Sun! Sort of!

  1. Actually, the Dark Sun files can be oppened, but you have to use Winzip.

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