Fifteen Games in Fifteen Minutes

I’ve been quiet here too long. I have things I want to write about but I seem to have a writer’s block of some kind. So, though I don’t often participate in these memes (not that we have hugely many of them in the RPG blogosphere, anyway), I thought doing this might break it.

Simple rules: name fifteen games you’ve played that will always stick with you, and don’t take more than fifteen minutes.

  1. Advanced Dungeons & Dragons
  2. World of Warcraft
  3. Godlike
  4. Planescape: Torment
  5. Twilight Imperium
  6. Pendragon
  7. Warhammer Fantasy Battle
  8. Doomtrooper
  9. Lamentations of the Flame Princess
  10. FaerûnMUD
  11. Arkham Horror
  12. Dark Heresy
  13. Pathfinder RPG
  14. Call of Cthulhu
  15. Magic: The Gathering

So, there. Five minutes for the list. Eight roleplaying games, two computer games, one miniature wargame, two board games, two collectible card games. Five very different interpretations of Dungeons & Dragons. Though I’ve played all of the games, my practical experience with some of them is limited to just one or two sessions, and my familiarity stems primarily from a close study of the other materials for the game, such as with Lamentations of the Flame Princess or Call of Cthulhu. Some I’ve played ridiculous amounts, like Planescape: Torment, which I still make a point of installing on every new computer I get, or FaerûnMUD, where I practically lived for a few summers.

So, what are yours?

2 thoughts on “Fifteen Games in Fifteen Minutes

  1. I have to limit myself to fifteen? Oh crap. ‘Cause I want to list meaningful things and limiting myself means I have to sit down and ponder what are meaningful enough…

    Right, I’m going to weasel a bit. But I’m totally allowed, ’cause I’ve lived longer than you have!

    1. [Nearly all editions of] Dungeons & Dragons
    2. SSI AD&D [Gold Box/Other] Games (computer)
    3. Rolemaster 2nd edition/MERP
    4. GURPS
    5. [Nearly all old] World of Darkness games
    6. Master of Magic (computer game)
    7. Master of Orion 2 (computer game)
    8. Children of the Moon MUSH
    9. Tenebrae – The Emblem of Ea MUX
    10. Settlers of Catan (both computer and board)
    11. Phantasie III (computer game)
    12. Palladium Fantasy RPG (dunno why)
    13. Munchkin (card game)
    14. Lords of Chaos (computer game)
    15. My online Marvel-based tabletop campaign

  2. In no particular order
    -Doom I (pc)
    -Civilisation II (pc)
    -Front mission series (ps1-2)
    -Sengoku Musou aka Dynasty warriors (ps 2)
    -DD 3 ed
    -Call of Cthulhu
    -Dark heresy
    -Battletech as an RPG
    -self made RPGs
    -GTA (ps2)
    -Ring of red (ps2)
    -R Talsorian Cyberpunk
    -Yakuza 2 (ps2)

    Propably when I read this later i notice vital flaw with this list

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