Thanksgiving Come Really Late – Yet Another D&D Film in the Works

Then, some of us have turkey at Christmas dinner as well, so it’s not entirely misplaced.

I’d already hoped that the project would have died a quiet and deserved death since I heard about it a year or two ago, but it seems that it was not meant to be. They’re making a third Dungeons & Dragons movie, and the release date is December 2011. It’s apparently being made by  the same bloke who directed the second film, which I consider far better than the first one, reaching into cheap mediocrity. The original Courtney Solomon film, though, ranks as one of the worst movies I own.

So, Dungeons & Dragons: The Book of Vile Darkness is about to become a horrible reality – and you can be a part of it! They’re having a promotion on the WotC website, where you can make a character on their DDI character builder tool and perhaps win a role as an extra in the film, in a battle scene.

Of course, you have to pay for a DDI account and the contest is only open to Americans and Canadians. Then, I’m not entirely certain that it’d be even legal in Finland. (Something to do with having to buy a product to be able to enter, I think. Raffles and lotteries operate by different rules, of course.)

After the last one, I’m pretty much ready to call this one crap right now. Naturally, I’ll still watch it, and I’ll buy it when it comes out in Blu-ray in Europe.

And yeah, that’s Blu-ray, because judging by the speed Wrath of the Dragon God made it to our shores, the DVD format will have died out and Blu-rays will have become affordable by the time Book of Vile Darkness will see an European release. Not that there’s anything to be impatient about.

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