New Year, New Campaigns

At the dawn of a new year, it is traditional to look back on what has happened and forward to what is yet to come.

Gaming-wise, 2010 was a rewarding year. On a personal level, I got to try out interesting games I’ve wanted to run at the TYR game nights. The One Module, Every Game project hasn’t been a resounding success, what with the repeated canceling of the Eclipse Phase session, but it’s not a failure either. It will go on in 2011.

Also, my Rise of the Runelords campaign was seen to its glorious finish, and the group is chomping at the bit to begin the next campaign.

More generally, we were showered with craploads of new games. James Edward Raggi IV gave us Lamentations of the Flame Princess: Weird Fantasy Role-Play and promptly sold it out. I got my copy at Ropecon, but if you didn’t, don’t worry – the Grindhouse Edition is coming out soon. It’s not for kids, though – the art is gonna be quite something.

From Fantasy Flight Games came Deathwatch, the third and (thus far) last of the Warhammer 40,000 roleplaying games – the Space Marine game. I picked up my copy some weeks ago and have been flipping through it. One of my players has expressed a tentative interest in running it, too. I cannot yet give a review, but it looks very pretty and very complex. If I ever do get to play it, I expect there will be some musing on the topic of roleplaying Space Marines.

Under the radar slipped Cubicle 7’s Laundry RPG. It’s not about washing dirty linen, but a spy thriller game, where you’re up against cultists and beasts of the Cthulhu Mythos. The game is based on Charles Stross’s novel series of the same name, numbering The Atrocity Archives, The Jennifer Morgue and The Fuller Memorandum, which I can heartily recommend. The game itself uses BRP, which is a handy thing, compatibility-wise. It’s more than a bit like Delta Green, too, but apparently the two have been created independently with no knowledge of the other. Also, The Laundry is far more British.

I would also like to bring up Evil Hat’s Dresden Files RPG, which I was already waiting for in my New Year’s post in 2010. Well, it came, and it was awesome, and I should be starting a campaign of that as well, once we get the schedules working and the website fixed up.

Finally, there was a neat little (at least when compared to most skyscrapers) book that came out in Finland just before Christmas, Nordic Larp. I will discuss it in more depth in a couple of days.

As for next year…

I don’t actually see any new games in the pipeline that I’m really excited about. There’s the English-language version of Stalker coming out, of course, and Cubicle 7’s Lord of the Rings licence game, but I already have the former and I’m wary about the latter. There’s a handful of Finnish releases that may or may not materialize for Ropecon, with Noitahovi looking the most promising, but we’ll see. Naturally, I’ll still buy everything RPG-related that gets released in this country.

This is not to say that the future looks disappointing, more that I currently have all the games I need and then some. Many of those games have fully-fledged product lines, which I will be following. Bestiary 2 just came out for Pathfinder RPG, for instance, with some 300 new monsters and awesome art, and there might be a Dresden Files sourcebook in the works as well. Plenty of things to keep me occupied.

And then there’s the actual, you know, gaming. Serpent’s Skull adventure path for Pathfinder RPG should be kicking off February-ish, and before that, I’m trying to get a Rogue Trader minicampaign done in some four sessions. There’s also that Dresden Files campaign we’ve been bouncing about with the Alter Ego people, which will be a thing of terrible beauty if we ever get it off the ground. Also, there’s one guy I may be able to rope into running Deathwatch, and another who’s pretty much promised to run the Curse of the Crimson Throne adventure path after we’re done with Serpent’s Skull…

Finally, there’s a Ropecon to organize, and the third one I’ll be watching from behind the Game Master info desk. It’s in the Dipoli Conference Center, Espoo, Finland, from 29th to 31st of July. Be there, for it will be the most awesome gaming convention known to man.

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