Ropecon, Finland, July 29th-31st

Ropecon released the themes of this year’s convention yesterday: heroes and Finland. I figure this is as good a time as any to remind the readership of the convention’s existence.

Ropecon is the biggest annual gaming convention in Finland, with about 3,500 individual visitors over three days (if converted to how visitor numbers are usually calculated, this will translate to about 10,000). Also, it is organized from start to finish by volunteers, making it one of the largest, if not the largest, non-profit gaming convention in the world. At least, I am not aware of a larger convention of this kind.

As in the previous two years, I’m sitting in the organizing committee, with the tabletop roleplaying games as my specific area of responsibility. There will be some 120-150 sessions of roleplaying games during the weekend, I would guess. In addition, there will be card games, miniatures wargames, board games and larps, plus workshops, presentations and panels on diverse topics. Something for everybody!

We will eventually also have guests of honour. More information on that once there is information. In the past years, we’ve seen Suzi Yee and Joseph Browning of Expeditious Retreat Press, Keith Baker, Greg Stolze, Chris Pramas, Greg Stafford, Robin D. Laws, Kenneth Hite and other gaming luminaries.

The convention itself is still in its planning stages, apart from the stuff that stays same from year to year. In a couple of weeks, the committee, 31 strong, will hide for a weekend into a cabin in the snow-choked, dark forests of Espoo to plot. I find it is a very efficient way to work, since it gives you total focus and creates a strong group sense right out of the gate (unless, of course, there are people who just can’t get along, in which case something horrible may happen, but I’ve yet to see this occur).

Once our guests of honour have been confirmed, expect a post about the awesomeness.

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