Helsinki Tampere All Night Long – A Dresden Files Campaign

I’ve briefly hinted at this madness before. However, I never fully explained the insanity of this campaign concept. The project has languished for long, with my gaming  time taken up by the Serpent’s Skull campaign (now nine sessions long, and we’re hoping to squeeze in a tenth and wrap up the second adventure before everyone heads back home for the summer). However, there have been slight nudges towards it becoming reality.

The core idea is that there are two groups of players in a single campaign of The Dresden Files RPG. One of these groups is based in Tampere, where I live most of the time. I am the GM for this group. Their characters adventure in Tampere and the surrounding areas. The other group, then, is based in Helsinki and is composed of Alter Ego members. Their characters adventure in Helsinki. With the other GM, Joonas, we’re developing some plot threads that extend from one city to the other.

Of course, since the two groups occupy the same world, it is possible for members of one party to visit the other, if the player is around. The train ride is a reasonably short trip and some of us (mostly me) make it frequently anyway. This, of course, makes it possible for the GMs to also have player characters, to be played in the other town. Also, characters can be tied together through their story aspects across the divide, though it seems that only my PC from the Tampere group will have one of those.

Yes, this campaign plan is ridiculously ambitious. However, I am convinced it can work. We have a campaign website at Mekanismi, which is yet another point of awesomeness for it. It’s in Finnish, so you foreign devils won’t get much out of it but you can admire the header image I whipped up in five minutes with Paintshop Pro. I envision there being an in-character part in it once the campaign really gets going, where the characters of different parties can communicate with one another.

I think that the primary stumbling stone here will be GM communication. We two have to keep a lot of balls in the air and know what the other is doing. Apart from that, once the game gets going, it should roll under its own power, pretty much. There are also some questions about game frequency and synchronization. Both groups have to occupy roughly the same position in their diegetic timeframe so that a visiting player won’t end up doing the time warp again, but I don’t see that becoming a big issue. If this were D&D, I might also have concerns about experience gain and power levels, but Dresden Files RPG isn’t a game that lives or dies on party balance.

As things stand, the Tampere group has finished character generation and city generation except for a few last touches. At the time of writing, only my character (that cop from the local precinct) is up online, but the rest will probably follow soonish. The Helsinki group has done their city but don’t yet have characters. Our group includes an electromancer and a werewolverine, among other things.

This is a very slowly brewing project and has been in the works since last October or something. These things require some patience. I hope we can squeeze in at least one session of play before my players scatter in the four winds for the summer.

2 thoughts on “Helsinki Tampere All Night Long – A Dresden Files Campaign

  1. I was excited when I noticed that Helsinki Tampere-site was updated. This sounds cool eventhough I don’t know much about Dresden Files RPG. Spirit of the Century is more familair to me but I know that these games are different from each other. Same system though. Maybe we’ll see some sort of review or introduction about Dresden Files RPG in future?

  2. The campaign is going to be cool beans(or bananas), but I do wonder about squeezing in one more session of SS. We are running on some tight schedules here.

    Also, dat Wizard…

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