News: RPG Blog Alliance and Stalker RPG IRC channel

There is a new networking site for roleplaying bloggers out there, the RPG Blog Alliance. It is more community-oriented than the old RPG Blogger Network, which has also been suffering from technical issues lately. There’s a forum, they’re processing new memberships quickly and the site looks pretty good, and it’s caught on with the bloggers, too. I’d bookmark it if I were you. Just sayin’.

Also, though I have no news about the Stalker RPG to announce, we did put up an English-language IRC channel for the game, in IRCnet. It’s called #stalker-rpg. Since the game has been out in Finnish since 2008, we have no real reason to be tight-lipped about any of its contents, either. The game’s author, Ville Vuorela, goes by the nick Burger or Burger2 or some variant thereof, while I am NiTessine. Everyone is welcome!

1 thought on “News: RPG Blog Alliance and Stalker RPG IRC channel

  1. Thanks for the mention. One of the reasons we can process sites much faster is that we built the RPGBA from scratch with the idea that administrative actions should be easy to accomplish and users should be able to control their technical details without the administrators having to manually put that data in themselves.

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