An Explanation for the Long Absence

It is said that one should never blog about why one has not blogged, but I’ve averaged one post per month since the con season ended, and such neglect of the readership is just unprofessional.

Basically, there has been a convergence of events and circumstances that have sapped my inspiration and will to do anything beyond the very basics of keeping a campaign going. For one thing, the calendar is slowly rolling over to the ninth week of my interesting cough that remains undiagnosed but has proven quite impervious to a veritable battery of prescription medicine. We don’t know what it is, but thus far it hasn’t killed me, so we remain optimistic that if nothing else, it is susceptible to the march of time. Preferably moreso than I am.

However, now that I’ve got a convention to work on, I feel somewhat energized and should be resuming my regular schedule of updates (sporadic, but rather more frequent than it has been). There’s a selection of unfinished drafts to finish up, gaming to discuss, news to disseminate, books to review, Planescape to revisit. I’m also drafting up a wondrous item for Paizo’s RPG Superstar 2012, with a deadline of January 7th. If the previous years have taught me anything, it is that interesting wondrous items are hard to design and that if nothing else, I’ll have a magic item to post on the 25th. Unfortunately, I’ve managed to misplace my creations from past years. Last year I wrote up a magically treated afterbirth, which I’m rather sorry I managed to lose.

So as not to make this post entirely self-indulgent, I will now give you an adventure outline rolled from the random adventure generator in the 1993 Finnish roleplaying game Elhendi, a high fantasy RPG about elves, which I just picked up the other day.

The quest is given to your characters by (*roll 1d10* 3.) a respected mage (*roll*) who’s also an elf. They wish you to (*roll*) protect (*roll*) a female (*roll*) human, who-(*roll*)-se circumstances are presently unknown, but current location is (*roll*) in a dark forest, which is inhabited by (*roll*) fearsome trolls. Should they accomplish this task, they will be rewarded with (*roll*) new weapons and armour.

Believe me, rerolling isn’t worth the trouble. The tables will not produce anything that’s interesting in its own right, though a capable GM can make an interesting adventure out of even something as banal as this. For instance, if this guy is such a big shot wizard, why isn’t he doing this himself? Is there something he’s not telling us, or can he not be seen in the woman’s company? And who is she anyway and what is their relationship? Romantic? Political? Adversarial? Come to think of it, why is she in the forest if there are trolls in there, and why aren’t we told this? Would the information be harmful to someone if it came out? Scandalous? One might also wonder why the wizard has weapons and armour lying around to be handed to adventurers when the barter economy is a thing of the past.

In tomorrow’s post, I will tell you why Isle of the Unknown isn’t quite as good as Carcosa, but still has one achievement over it.


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