False Alarm, Playground Magazine Lives

It seems that Playground Magazine isn’t dead, after all. Starting from issue #5, it’ll be run by Rollespilsakademiet, which is some sort of Danish outfit. I think. I don’t know, and their news post isn’t much more informative.

The magazine was announced as ceasing publication after issue #4 back in November.

Anyway, this is great news. Gaming magazines are a good thing. Besides, Playground covers really weird stuff of a kind that I would never, ever run into on my own.

Now, I just need to find the third issue from somewhere. It’s listed as having the article “Porn Star Dungeons”, which I think is absolutely charming (Zak, is that you?). Also, I would like to reiterate that it really is a roleplaying GAME magazine, not the other kind of roleplaying. Usually. I think.

Welcome back, Playground. Now, I have an analytical essay about the soundtrack of Watchmen to write…

3 thoughts on “False Alarm, Playground Magazine Lives

  1. And a short notice from one of the “new” people. 😉
    Rollespilsakademiet is a Danish publishing house (among other things), that also publishes the Danish roleplaying magazine ROLLE|SPIL (www.rollespil.org).

    And from #5 (which will be out at Fastaval 2012 in April) we’ll be doing Playground too. The new Lord of Content is Kasper Friis, who’s writing his master’s thesis in communication at the moment, and our new Art Emperor is Lars Andresen, who also does magazines professionally.

    And me? I just make sure the money’s there, the stuff is distributed and write a little now and then.

    So the short and the long of it is:
    Playground lives. Tell us about Watchmen!

    – Claus

  2. Rock!

    The Watchmen thing is just a course essay for university, nothing I’m writing for publication. Once it’s been graded and I can be sure it’s not complete ass, I can put it up for download, though. Would be fitting, since it’s partly inspired by an online argument I had in 2009 and this would allow me to deliver the killing blow.

  3. “Killing blow?”

    Now THAT sounds like something I want to read. Looking forward to it, NiTessine.

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