Norwegian Minister of International Development Talks Larp

An interesting news item popped up a couple of days ago – Heikki Holmås, the brand new Minister of International Development in Norway, is a gamer. He also has some interesting views on larp as an instrument of political change, such as in the Israel-Palestine conflict. Go read the interview, it’s absolutely fascinating.

We’ve got a couple of gamers in our cabinet as well (they’re the two most obvious ones), but they haven’t really talked about it in the public. Then, they haven’t figured out a way to make it relevant to the job, unlike Minister Holmås here.

Incidentally, that WW2 larp he discusses, 1942, was covered in Nordic Larp, which I reviewed last year. More interestingly, the Israel-Palestine thing that he discusses is covered in more detail in Trine Lise Lindahl’s article “Weddings and Anti-Condom Activists” in the new Solmukohta book, States of Play. It’s available here as a free PDF. I helped in the proofreading process, and the print version is released on April 11th. I’ll write more about it once that date rolls around.

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