New Finnish Newsblogs

It has been quiet on the blog. This is the result of me trying to complete about 50 ECTS’s worth of studies during the autumn semester, with the goal of finally getting my BA degree in the spring. The situation is not likely to improve before mid-December or thereabouts. Between now and then you can still look forward to a series of posts on the Serpent’s Skull Adventure Path, since we just started in on Sanctum of the Serpent God last session, and the end is nigh.

Meanwhile, at least if you read Finnish, there are other blogs you can read. The last month has seen the birth of not one but two Finnish RPG news blogs, both joined with gaming forums. Because I’m crap at saying no, I’m also helping out on both of them.

The first of these is the Majatalo blog, sprung up as the new frontpage of the forum. It had a strong start, but seems to have stalled since. I’m not giving up hope, however, and will be producing news posts there as newsworthy things pop up.

The other one is LOKI, in conjunction with the Pelilauta forum. LOKI is shaping up to be something really impressive, with a large roster of capable writers and a steady update schedule of larger articles twice a week and smaller news reporting as needed. There’s also some content in English, conveniently placed in its own category.

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