Playground Magazine Available in Digital Format

Splendid! Playground Magazine, the Nordic larp magazine that I’ve discussed a couple of times in the past and notoriously difficult to acquire, has been made available in a digital format at HP MagCloud. I picked up all four copies I didn’t yet have. I haven’t yet had time to actually read them, but a quick browse reveals a number of interesting things I have to read in greater depth. There’s one about Kapo, which I may actually end up using as an essay source; one called “10 Ways to Manipulate Your Players”; an article about Nordic Larp; an interview of Zak S; “How Bleed Is Ruining Larp”; “Table-Talk and 8th-Grade-itis”, which is about the roleplaying scene in Japan; and a dozen other things. It’s fascinating, and it’s finally properly available. Thanks to Juhana Pettersson for the heads-up.

4 thoughts on “Playground Magazine Available in Digital Format

  1. Too bad the MagCloud forces a membership on you to make a purchase, something which I’m rather reluctant to have for a service I probably won’t be using otherwise. I think it would make better sense to make the mags available also through DriveThruRPG.

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  3. Also, I would note that while the PDFs seem to lack bookmarks, it’s a small flaw in such short documents, and they have done something I’ve only seen very rarely. They’ve designated a cover page that shows alone even when the view setting is “two-page spread”, which allows you to read it the way it was originally laid out. Pretty much nobody does this, and I really wish they would, especially since it can’t be a big trouble.

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