Swedish RPG Extravaganza! Drakar och Demoner Free Online

Yeah, I’m still alive, just terribly, terribly busy. But noting that is not the purpose of this post. This post’s purpose is to note that the Swedish RPG company Riotminds has released what looks like most, if not all, of the Drakar och demoner (or “Dragons and Demons”) back catalog as free PDF downloads on their website. So, if you think that a Swedish-language fantasy game in the spirit of RuneQuest and Dungeons & Dragons might be your cup of tea, head on over. The file for the “Jih-Fun” book of Samuraj looks to be broken, though.

This is a laudable deed. The old editions are basically abandonware at this point and with a language area as small as Swedish there’s not much to be gained even by PDF sales. This kind of accessibility makes things easier for us ludologists, chroniclers and historians of games, collectors and geeks.

For the record, I have some Swedish, but the most that can be said about it is that it’s there. It’s much the same thing as with my French, really. By the way, hi there Reddit. With time, effort and a dictionary, I can make sense of things.

I also own one Drakar och demoner rulebook in hardcover (sixth edition, I believe), but have never gone to the bother of trying to decipher it. Gorgeous book, though.

Thank you, Riotminds.

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