A Game Challenge

I do a lot of reading challenges. I usually go through about 150 titles a year – though a lot of that is graphic novels – and they’re a tool I use to pick the next one when it isn’t dictated by work, the university, or the impending Hugo voting deadline. We also have a role-playing game reading circle on Facebook where we read rulebooks from cover to cover and then commiserate how they’re really not designed with that approach in mind. I even have a Goodreads profile.

One of the challenges I do has traditionally been the Helmet reading challenge, so named because it’s run by the Helsinki metropolitan area library system. This year they’re also kicking off a Game Challenge, and obviously I’m all over that thing. While the rules are kinda loose and allow for filling in more than one category with the same game if you feel like it, I could fill all except no. 7 with just the three larps I’m going to this year. So I’ll try to play one game per challenge category. Preferably tabletop role-playing games, preferably new stuff. If I do fill in something with a videogame, it should be a role-playing game. I will also try to stick with games that I expect I would like. Then I’ll tell you all about it. Sound cool? I know, but I’m doing it anyway. Feel free to join in!

I’m not filling this out beforehand because I expect quite a few will be targets of opportunity. The problem with role-playing games is, as ever, that the stars must be right. Also the schedules of a bunch of adults with lives and jobs.

  1. Game by a Finnish developer
  2. Game where no one dies
  3. Game that is based on a book, graphic novel or comic
  4. Game that is based on actual historical events
  5. Game where you play in cooperation with other players
  6. Game that can be downloaded for free
  7. Game that you remember from your childhood
  8. Game where you create your own character
  9. Game where the story is created by your choice
  10. Game where you can go fishing
  11. Game with romance
  12. Game that takes place somewhere you have always wanted to visit
  13. Game that makes you slightly scared
  14. Game from where you think you will learn something new
  15. Game that takes place in your favorite place to live in
  16. Game where you build something
  17. Game that lets you play a game within a game
  18. Game that starts a series
  19. Game that is played in turns
  20. Game that has a protagonist who has a skill that you would like to learn
  21. Game that has only one word in its title
  22. Game that lets you go to space
  23. Game that you can teach to someone else
  24. Game where you can drive any kind of vehicle

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