My Ropecon Schedule

Ropecon’s program is up! The con’s coming again, July 25th through 27th, and this time I’m paying my way by talking. A lot of talking.

My program items are as follows:

Friday, 20:00 – 21:45: Are You There, Crom? It’s Me, Conan – Mythologies in Role-Playing Games

Role-playing games have always drawn from myth and legend. This is a deep dive into the ways mythology has been used in different role-playing games over the years, from American interpretations of Kalevala to the umpteenth Viking fantasy. Come discover who is the most popular god in all of role-playingdom!

Saturday, 13:00 – 13:45: Living Greyhawk – kahdeksan vuotta, eikä aivan suotta

Together with Sampo Haarlaa, we’ll talk about Living Greyhawk, the most massive (at least by some metrics) organized play campaign to date. What it was, how it was cool, and what we can learn from it.

Sunday, 10:00-11:45: Roleplaying Games and Comics

Together with Jaakko Stenros, we’ll talk about role-playing games and comics, ones based on the others and the other way around, and which are good, and which are not, and which ones are heartily recommended.

Apart from my own stuff, the program in general has the usual problem of being packed full of stuff I want to see but I can’t be in three places at once and need to eat now and then.

See you there!

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