Paranoia Drinking Game

Recently, I was requested to run a one-shot session of Paranoia XP.Paranoia_XP

As a drinking game.

I am trying to ignore the fact that a person hitting upon an idea involving irresponsible drinking behaviour would immediately think of me as the ideal person to facilitate it.

The game is to be run this coming weekend, and I have been hard at work perusing the rulebook and preparing the adventure. However, the drinking game portion also needs rules. Ideally, the last third of the scenario will be unnecessary due to players being incapacitated, everyone running out of clones, or both.

Also, a drinking game, much like a game of Paranoia, needs to proceed at a reasonably fast pace to keep up the inebriation. To this end, the beverages should have sufficient alcohol content or be imbibed in sufficient quantities per ‘drink’. It is up to the players to supply their own poisons, though. However, I must note that red wine would be within their security clearance, while, say, white wine or cider would not.

To any players reading this, the Gamemaster may or may not be open to bribery, and prefers Scotch whiskies, noble spirit, and Russian vodkas. Full-bodied red wines are also appreciated.

The Players Shall Drink When…

  • …they lose a clone.
  • …they kill or are otherwise responsible for the death of another player’s clone.
  • …someone mentions Bouncy Bubble Beverage.
  • …their character is accused of treason.
  • …they accuse another character of treason.
  • …they roll a natural 20.
  • …another character gains a promotion.
  • …an experimental piece of equipment or a bot malfunctions.
  • …a mutant power misfires.
  • …their secret society briefing tells them to.
  • …the Gamemaster tells them to.

Drinking makes you happy. Happiness is mandatory. Therefore, drinking is mandatory. The Computer is your friend.

The Gamemaster Shall Drink When…

  • …ever he feels like it. It is good to be the Gamemaster.

Report to follow. No it won’t. We will never speak of this again. Good gods, that was a dumb idea.