This is a blog about role-playing games. Major topics include Pathfinder RPG, the academic field of game studies, larp, Planescape, and whatever else crosses my mind or desk. My tastes and interests are very broad and sometimes also veer into the non-gaming science fiction fandom.

As for myself, I live in Finland and have been playing role-playing games since the mid-1990’s. My credits in the field include a pair of Living Greyhawk modules, the Finnish nonfiction books Roolipelikirja and Seikkailuja ja sankareita, co-editing the larp article collections Larp Realia, Larp Politics, and What Do We Do When We Play?, as well as the English translations of games like Astraterra, Stalker, and Chernobyl Mon Amour. I have also been long involved in conrunning with the big local convention Ropecon and other events.

I may be reached at a Gmail address corresponding to the nickname of “nitessine”.

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  2. Hi there. Thank you for your posts, I’ve really enjoyed looking through a lot of the old references. I was wondering, since you have posted some of the old Living Greyhawk modules, if you could help me. I’d really like to run the Blight on Bright Sands adventures for friends, but I’m having a horrible time trying to locate them. Would you happen to know where I’d be able to find these? Thanks so much.

  3. Unfortunately, the Blight on Bright Sands story arc were Core modules and their copyright is entirely with WotC. Note that we never even posted Sampo Haarlaa’s single Core module. They are, as with so much of Living Greyhawk, currently inaccessible to the public. Hell, I don’t even know where the pirated versions would be.

    But feel free to e-mail me at nitessine@gmail.com if you wish to discuss the campaign further. I had a lot of fun with those modules back in the day.

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