World Adventure Writing Month ’08

Now that I have no deadlines to meet for Living Greyhawk anymore (well, not exactly true, but that’s a small thing) and my next thing for Roolipelaaja isn’t due for an age and a half, I had to find something else to occupy my free time.

That something else may be the World Adventure Writing Month ’08.

To me, who’s failed its bigger cousin, the National Novel Writing Month, for something like five times running, the idea has some resonance.

The idea, in short, is to write an adventure module in a month. No minimum length, though I suppose that having a beginning, a middle and an ending would be good.

Last year, apparently, the minimum was 32 pages, which is a fucking terrifying idea – NAE7-04 Unyielding was only 29 pages, while NAE8-04 Bright Sun, Black Lion clocks in at 42. The latter one, though, was essentially finished in the space of three weeks. Though there were two of us.

I’m thinking of revisiting Naerie, just to make the point that it’s not dead yet, and to explore one of the plot strands that I’ve had lying about on my hard drive. I’m just not sure which one yet, and since it’s already three days into the month, it might be a good idea to decide. I have about a dozen different concepts, but a bunch of them are too long to execute properly in a month. The ones I think might be doable are as follows:

The Case of the Two-Headed Calf
The party is in Radoc when news of a two-headed calf in one of the outlying farms reaches them. They must then deal with brawling mercenaries and a Bakluni mystic. [This one is essentially a huge pile of inside jokes and pop culture references, and likely fully accessible to about ten people in the world. Then, that’d be larger than the audience for your average Naerie regional.]

The Village
The party must meet a secret operative in a distant village, but when they arrive, everybody is dead. What happened here? Can the party solve the problem or must they give up and head home empty-handed? [Inspired by the game Werewolf instead of the Shyamalan movie, which I have not even seen.]

The Singing Man
Someone is murdering people in their beds in Naerie City, and the Watch is powerless to stop the assassin. Seems like a pretty clear-cut case for the adventurers to solve… or is it? [Featuring an end scene based on Don Giovanni that I’ve wanted to do in a module for a long time.]

Of course, whichever I end up picking, the likelihood of me ever finishing in time is rather small. I am nothing if not lazy. However, I will at least get started and can write the rest of it when I feel like doing so. This also offers a chance to explore a looser method of module writing more fitting for the Living Naerie project.

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