Announcing the Ropecon 2011 Scenario Contest

Well, I can finally talk about this one.

Like the two previous years, we’re having a scenario writing competition for Ropecon 2011. While the con’s theme this year is Finland, I noticed a golden opportunity the likes of which you stumble across once in a lifetime and decided to take the contest in a more international direction.

The contest, this year, is in English. My faith in the Finnish roleplayer’s ability to produce good text in English is strong, and I’ll be doing a minor editing pass on the scenarios before putting them onwards to the judges. I doubt it’ll be even necessary, but nobody need be afraid of an imperfect command of the language ruining their chances. As for the doubts expressed in a few places that the modules being in English would deter game masters from running them, I need only take a look at the Fantasiapelit list of the best-selling RPG items from the last month to figure that reading English is going to be even less of an issue than writing it. This hobby is fluently bilingual, over here.

And why is it in English? Well, our judges are all Americans, and they don’t read Finnish all that well.

And why are all the judges American?

Well, they’re our Guests of Honour Frank Mentzer and Erik Mona, plus the Helsinki-based James Edward Raggi IV, three men who’ve probably forgotten more about adventure writing than I’ll ever know.

I’m terribly excited about being able to make this happen, and already the interest in the competition has been higher than the previous years. It’s a bold move and I’m taking a conscious risk here, but if it pays off, I will have pushed into being something glorious and magnificent.

The announcement can be found at the Ropecon blog.

Of course, the competition is only open to people who will be coming to Ropecon, but then, why would you not be coming to the most awesome gaming convention in the world?

There’s also a Facebook event, and a Finnish-language discussion at the Pelilauta forum.


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